Tom Streller

T O M  S T R E L L E R

Tom Streller is a commercial and music video director from Leipzig, Germany.

Influenced by his first attempts in skate videos as well as a classical music education, Toms work is characterised by a focus on rhythmical storytelling and bold visual language. Thanks to his previous work as a DP and Editor, Tom loves to be involved in every aspect of production, to guarantee the final film to be true to his vision. 

With a sensibility for incorporating current topics into his films, be it subtle or large-scale, Tom is particularly drawn to projects which allow the viewer new perspectives on supposedly familiar topics and which depict social change. His Social Spot “The Beauty in Difference” has been shortlisted for the New Generation Award at Berlin Commercial 2021.

If not working on commissioned project, he will always develop a personal project to stay focused and hone his filmmaking skills. 


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