Julian Spillner

J U L I A N  S P I L L N E R

Most of Julian’s work is based around humans, sometimes humorous sometimes serious. He likes the possibility of bringing emotions to the screen by telling stories in a simple and direct manner be it for music videos, short films or advertisement.

Julian started doing photography when he was six years old. After working as a freelance photographer for three years he started getting more and more into directing, doing numerous short films while studying digital media in Bremen and Istanbul. Today his roots in photography can still be seen through the aestetic in his work.

Now Julian works as a freelance director focusing on commercials, while staying true to my music videos roots. In his films he likes to combine different characters and the resulting challenges in working closely with actors, preferably with dialogue. His passion is humor, especially if it is dry. 

Julian’s clients include eBay, Media Markt, Henkel, Sony Music, Spotify, and many more.

Studio of Wonders

Studio of Wonders

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