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E M M Y  &  A L E X

Emmy and Alex Zimmermann are an brilliant Director-DP duo, distinguished by their versatile expertise in film and photography. Their journey began during their studies, where they discovered their passion for visual storytelling, cinematic aesthetics, and photography.
Emmy, as a commercial director, brings an exceptional ability for staging, creative direction, and a special talent for photography. Her extensive experience in the advertising industry has contributed to developing innovative concepts and realizing them through impressive directorial work. Her talent for storytelling through the lens, whether in photos or film, makes her an artistic force that captures and brings visual emotions to life.
Alex is a versatile cinematographer with an impeccable eye for composition and visual storytelling. His technical expertise and understanding of the latest camera technologies allows him to create impressive visuals that powerfully and seamlessly support Emmy's visions. His skill in shaping light, movement, and visual elements adds an unmatched visual depth to their creations.
Together, Emmy and Alex have worked on a variety of projects, including commercials, photo campaigns, and hybrid projects. Their work is characterized by a seamless interplay between direction and camera, allowing them to capture the essence of a story in each frame and blur the boundaries between film and photography. Their ability to craft the visual narrative, both in motion and in static images, gives their projects a unique dimension and authenticity.

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