Akim Remilayo

A K I M  R E M I L A Y O

Akim discovered his passion for film through skateboarding when he was a teenager (born in 1993) in Hamburg, starting to see the world through a viewfinder with his camcorder and homemade cage. After graduating from high school and spending a year abroad in America, he worked on set at Studio Hamburg and Markenfilm. This experience led to his training as a media designer specializing in color grading at INFECTED Postproduction, which he completed in January 2018. Following intensive work on international commercial film productions, Akim moved from the grading suite back behind the camera.

In 2018, he won the Hamburg Young Filmmakers Award with his film “Falsehood.” This was followed by a master's degree in cinematography at the Hamburg Media School, where he was further mentored by renowned lecturers such as Judith Kaufmann, Matthias Bolliger, and Christopher Aoun. He graduated with a Master of Arts (Cinematography) in 2020. Since then, Akim has been working as a director, DOP, and colorist for feature films and commercials.


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