Lost Chances by Mona El Mansouri

„Lost Chances“
Scripted and directed by Mona El Mansouri one of the pioneers of the German female directors.
For many years she has shown her skills for directing and emotional storytelling.
Effortlessly and respectfully she addresses the great topic of father-son-relationships, of which she has, as a mother to a son, her very own point of view.
Starting her career and our common path we were confronted with all sorts of prejudices.
Luckily nowadays we are not asked if a woman can shoot a football, car or beer spot, because Mona has been naturally proving this for years now.
Mona is also involved in „Free the bid“ and in this context we wish for more and more women to take the chance to direct.
Director: Mona El Mansouri | DoP: Roland Stuprich | Editor: Alex Kutka | Music: tro Music | Sound: Loft Studios
| Postproduction: Pirates ´N Paradise