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Zac Ella

McDonalds McChicken
Converse - Cross the Line
The Magic Gang - Alright Delivery DC
FlavaIT - MeatLust
Dr.Martens X Agyness Deyn AW13
Converse The Ticket film
Dr Martens - DMSS14

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Zac Ella

Fun, bright, optimistic… yet delightfully odd.
Zac Ella was born in a small mining village in the North of England. Although advised by his vocational guidance councillor, Jenny Gilroy, to pursue a career in plumbing, Zac went to Leeds College of Art and Design to chase his dreams of drawing naked people. Having realised he wasn’t really that good, Zac began to focus on making videos.

To cut a short story shorter, Zac packed his bags and moved to London with a degree in Graphic Design and an ambition to make things to go on the telly…and that is basically what he does.

Clients (excerpt)
Converse, Dr. Martens, Coca Cola, Amnesty International, Transavia, XBox, Microsoft Superfood, …