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Stuart A. McIntyre

A bred-in-the-bone cinephile, Stuart A. McIntyre honed his skills by learning and borrowing from the best. After years of accolades for editing such projects as the Genie Award-winning feature film „Amal“, and numerous commercial projects, Stuart made the move into directing.

His first foray was the BravoFACT! „All Roads Lead To Here“, which won multiple international awards and led him to spearhead his next project, an experimental feature film „678910“ shot in India’s Thar Desert.

Since then, he’s directed everything from TV series, music videos, to a collection of fashion virals for Filler Mag while commercially collaborating with big international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Johnnie Walker Black, McDonalds, Pepsi and Nike. With an uncanny film knowledge and a kinetic signature style, Stuart is one to watch for.