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Samuel & Gunnar

Islandsbanki - Marathon Run
DriFit - Lillys story
Icelandair EM2017
Angel Soft Just Dad
Icelandair Draumurinn
TM - Milstone
VIS - Fyrsti heimavoellurinn
Icelandair - Heimaleikurinn
Audi Elephant A8
PJ Karsjo - hefst i oktober

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Samuel & Gunnar

Icelandic directing duo, Samuel & Gunnar have been collaborating together for several years independent of the advertising community. In spite of their youth, the duo already has experience working in the entertainment business for almost a decade. They first gained interest in film and television through their school’s video club and managed to work their way up the industry ladder gaining experience by working on the post production side. Before directing spots, both were editors. Samuel worked online, Gunnar offline. The team worked on numerous commercials, music videos, and feature films handling both production and post. Samuel & Gunnar both executed projects through Spark Productions and Sagafilm, both in Iceland before joining Crossroads.

This background and skill-set has allowed them to cultivate an eye for detail and a multidimensional approach to filmmaking. The directing team has gained acclaim from the start of their partnership, winning all the major Icelandic awards for both music videos and commercials. No other directors in Iceland have been nominated, or won as many awards in such a short amount of time as Samuel & Gunnar. The two have received a Silver Effie and acquired several other nominations in 2006 – including the Best TV Ad of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2009. 2011 they joined the Icelandic production company Truenorth. At the same time they joined Humble in NY.