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Rachel McDonald

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Rachel McDonald

Rachel grew up in a small coastal town in Mississippi. She credits her craft as a narrative storyteller to her childhood in the American Deep South where front porch tales were told eloquently in rhythm to the so breezes and ebbing tides of the Gulf of Mexico. A force of her own nature, she befriended a destiny without boarders or limitations, and sought inspiration in unfamiliar places like Jordan, Uganda and Egypt. Rachel quickly fell in love with North Africa and spent a year living and working in Cairo as a writer.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and spent the initial years of her film career working under heralded filmmakers like Frank Darabont, Nancy Meyers and Clint Eastwood. With an unfettered enthusiasm for her craft, she treated these years like masters in film and has since honed her style as an intuitive and fiercely visionary director in her own right. She transitioned into directing with an award-winning short documentary about gorilla conservation and tourism filmed in Uganda.

In 2014, she directed her first narratives short film, ’Thirst’, starring Melanie Griffith. ’Thirst’ was nominated for the Golden Pardon at Locarno Inter- national Film Festival and won at the Emerging Cinematographer’s Awards.

Rachel has an adept sensitivity to her subjects and tells honest stories driven directly from the heart. Her ability to create stunning, lyrical, and cinematic imagery while capturing raw emotion is consistent across the various visual mediums she works in.

Working in both the American and Canadian market, Rachel has directed spots for Motorola, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Pampers, West Elm, Nick Fouquet, Special Olympics and Maple Leaf. This surf loving, travel addicted adventurist has made her home in Venice Beach, CA for the past 9 years. When she’s not on set, you’ll find her stealing waves at Breakwater, where he considers herself a ’local’.