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Marco Kreuzpaintner

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Marco Kreuzpaintner

Marco was born in Germany 1977 and lives in Berlin. After his studies in Art history in Salzburg, he gained experience as a unit manager and director’s assistant. Since 1999 he is working as a director. Marco is also guest lecturer at the film academy Baden-Württemberg, member of the European film academy as well as the German Directors Guild and the Directoers Guild of America. In 2007 he accomplished the theatre movie KRABAT, which has been seen by 1,8 million viewer until today.

He also directed in many other theatre movies like „Rainer“, „Trade“, and „Sommersturm“. But also in the advertising industry he worked for well-known clients such as Deutsche Telekom, VW, Sony Playstation, Milka, Maggi, Schöller, Langnese and McDonalds.

Moreover he was working as a script-writer for movies e.g. „Die Wolke“, and „Sommersturm“.