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Lisa Rubisch

Pampers - Love the Change
HP - Togetherness
American Express - All For Small
hersheys lancaster
Wallmart dreams
Ikea Manifesto
Honda 50 states
Citizens Bank Straight Talk
kodak sharewithdad

Park Pictures

Lisa Rubisch

Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, Lisa got started at MTV where she wrote and directed many memorable spots, including the campaign for the 1998 MTV Movie Awards which featured Samuel L. Jackson, and the PSA „Paper Doll“, which went on to win multiple awards including a Cable Ace Award. Lisa’s work also caught Madonna’s eye, who brought Lisa on board to promote her concert tours, movies, and albums.

After leaving MTV Lisa began directing commercials and music videos for some of the world’s top companies, including Nike, Puma, Ikea, Fidelity, Coors, Polaroid, the Travel Channel, and a viral for Fosters Beer that won a Gold Pencil at the One Show.

Also a prolific writer, Lisa’s work has been featured in the Mamapalooza Festival, the anthology Literary Mama, and a chapter in the New York Times best-selling book „Be Honest, You’re Not Into Him Either“. Lisa is also a founding member of the Blue School.

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