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Leigh Marling

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Leigh Marling

Beginning his career as a founder and creative director of the London-based design agency Blue Source, Leigh Marling has created award- winning artwork for artists and brands.

Venturing into the field of music videos, he co-directed (with collaborator Rob Leggett) clips for Fatboy Slim, New Order, The Avalanches, and Dirty Vegas, winning an MTV Europe Best Music Video Award and a Grammy nomination.

Leigh then turned his eye to commercials with spots for Pizza Hut, Smirnoff, Snickers, T- Mobile, and Wrigley’s, building a reputation for inventive storytelling, smart humor, and carefully designed visuals. This strongly comedic style brought him awards at Cannes and The One Show, as well as Addys and Clios.

In 2011, Leigh relocated to Los Angeles and retired the Blue S o u r c e n a m e . S i n c e establishing himself as a solo director, he has directed award-winning work for numerous brands such as Lego and Hyundai.