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Joachim Back

Joachim began his career as an impressionable teenager, working as an on-set runner for film productions in his native Denmark. Determined to get away from the craft service table and behind the camera, Joachim and some friends began shooting their own shorts and spec projects on borrowed equipment. His oddball comic sensibility got him noticed, and in 1997 Joachim signed with Copenhagen’s Easy Film for commercial representation. In 2000 a spot he directed for MTV, „The Mouth“, was shortlisted for a Gold Lion at Cannes, and in 2001 Joachim and two fellow directors founded the spot shop Bacon. After several very successful years, the team went its separate ways, and Joachim moved with his family to New York where he signed with Park Pictures in 2004.

Joachim has been working non-stop ever since, and has directed campaigns for Viagra, Captain Morgan, Tostitos, Hyundai, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bud Light, and Miller Lite, to name a few. His Viagra spots „the little blue pill’s first foray into comedy“ won a Gold Lion at the 2005 Cannes Festival, it is one of the most decorated spots in the advertising world (with over 15 wins in the advertising awards circuit). He’s also snagged a Bronze Lion for „Too Late“, a spot for Charal out of Gang Films in Paris. Joachim was ranked number 7 on the Gunn Report in 2006. His hilarious, visually and sonically inventive Captain Morgan spot won Best Sound Design at the 2007 AICP Show. His Budlight „Carpet“ spot was shortlisted at Cannes in 2008. In 2009, he received two Epica awards, an Epica Gold for Ikea and an Epica Silver for his Volvo spot.

Most recently, Joachim directed a short film, „The New Tenants“. The film has an Oscar in the „Short Live Action“ category for the 82nd Academy Awards and also received an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Reel Festival in 2010. The short stars actors such as Vincent D’onofrio, Kevin Corrigan, and David Rakoff. In November 2016 Joachim’s commercial for MINI F57 has been awarded with a bronze award for cinematography at the LIA Awards (London International Awards).

Joachim lives in New York with his wife and two children.

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