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Henrik Sundgren

Daim - Crushing it
Telekom NGTV Replay
Vivident Full Dental
Samsung New Angle
3 Man from 3 Train
Freia No Place Like Home
Synoptik Passion
Com Hem Framtidens
Tele 2 Swat
audi a1 the next big thing teaser

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Henrik Sundgren

“Always tell a joke with a strait face.”
 That is Henrik Sundgren’s motto 
whenever it comes time to create 
moving pictures. After earning an
 MBA in Film Directing at the 
American Film Institute, Henrik began
 to build a significant amount of 
experience. His father, a famed film
critic, exposed Henrik and his siblings 
to Chaplin, Tarkovskij, Dracula, Truffaut and Japanese Godzilla movies.

Beginning his career as a journalist, Henrik discovered that his interests had less to do with facts and more to do with fiction. Ever since this revelation, Henrik has gone on to work with clients such as Volvo, Coca Cola, Southern Comfort, Tele 2 and Microsoft. He has also made a name for himself as a creator of short films with distinct advertising purposes, such as the Audi campaign staring Justin Timberlake.

Weather he is taking acting lessons or enjoying a foray deep into 3D – modeling, Henrik draws from his naturally curious journalistic side to never stand still.