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Edward Berger

Born 1970 in Germany, Edward Berger graduated in directing from NYU fi lm school in New York. After gaining experience working for the US independent production company Good Machine, including films by directors Ang Lee and Todd Haynes, he wrote and directed his first feature, GOMEZ, in 1998.

In 2012 he won the prestigious German Grimme Award for his film „A good summer“. His film „JACK“ was invited into the competition of the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival and and was nominated in three categories for the German Academy Award (Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay). It went on to win the German Academy Award in Silver for Best Picture, as well as Best Director at the German Director’s Guild Awards.

His 8-part television series „Deut-schland ’83“ recently premiered to rave reviews on Sundance TV as the first German television show ever to air in the US.It won the award for Best International Drama Series at the renowned Series Mania Festival in Paris. It also sold to Canal+ in France, the BBC in England, as well as to Scandinavia and many other territories.

Soon we can watch two new TV Shows from Edward Berger. „The Terror“ with Producer Ridley Scott will air on AMC and on Amazon Prime in March and „Patrick Melrose“ starring Benedict Cumberbatch on Sky.

Edward Berger lives and works in Berlin, Germany. To broaden his mind and to direct commercial work he joined Soup Film in 2005 and we are proud to work with such an aspiring director.


AWARDS o.a.t.

2016 Intern. Emmy Award Best Drama Series, „Deutschland 83“

2016 Grimme-Preis, „Deutschland 83“

2016 Seoul Intern. Drama Award, Best Mini-Series, „Deutschland 83“

2016 Goldene Kamera, Beste Mini-Serie „Deutschland 83“

2015 C21 Intern. Drama Ward, Best Non-English-Language Drama,„Deutschland 83“

2015 Regiepreis Metropolis, Beste Regie TV-Serie, „Deutschland 83“

2015 Deutscher Filmpreis, Bester Spielfilm in Silber, „Jack“

2014 Deutscher Regiepreis „Jack“



  • Universität der Künste, Berlin / Supervising a workshop / theme: introducing directing and directing of photography
  • Columbia University, New York / Guest Lecture in a film class, Graduate Film School / theme: Low-Budget-Film-production at Good Machine



HRS, Amnesty International, A1, VW, Veltins, Toyota, McDonald’s, Citroen, Seat, BMW, Granini, Jack Wolfskin, Amazon, Paulaner, a.o.t.



The Terror, Deutschland 83, Tatort, KDD Kriminaldauerdienst, Schimanski, a.o.t.



Jack, Frau2 sucht Happy End, Windland, Die Hoffmanns, a.o.t.