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Clement Gino

Clément’s career path is rather unconventional. In 2005 at age 20 he graduated from Le Conservatoire Libre du Cinema Français, a school very art-house film oriented. He decided then to travel for a year, all over the world, with no specific goal other than observe and discover, without a camera. When he returned he got back to filming and directed three short films, and won several awards in festivals ( 20 nominations and 10 awards).

No film producers waiting outside with a checkbook to finance his next film? Not a problem, on to new adventures for Clément! He moved to the South of France in the countryside, to become a shepherd in the Southern Alps, learning to write and draw, and working in organic farms.

All these very grounding experiences were in relation to his sensibility towards nature, and were the inspiration for the work he does today. When Clément moved back to Paris in 2010 he bought a Canon 5D MarkII and self learned how to use After Effects. He directed a few spec commercials and music videos that he posted on his website and got quickly approached by high-end production companies. Clément was signed at Quad films for two years where he directed commercials (including Le Petit Marseillais , Siemens, Aéroports de Paris, ..) and has now joined High Noon production.