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Christopher Hutsul

Christopher Hutsul is a Toronto based artist, writer and film director.

After graduating with honours from the fine art program at Ontario College of Art and Design, Hutsul became a staff writer at The Toronto Star, Cana- da’s largest daily newspaper. His columns focused on technology, art and pop culture.

In 2007 he was recruited into the film production world, where he emerged as a commercial director. In 2009, Hutsul was featured at Cannes in the New Director’s Showcase for his work on a film celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Force One shoe. Today he shoots award-winning spots inter- national brands, having recently garnered a Bronze Gold Lion for his work for Mitsubishi Canada. His client list includes IKEA, ING, Toyota, Nike, Mistubishi, and Molson among countless others.

A collaborative, communicative director, Hutsul’s aesthetic is at once irreverent and good-hear- ted. He draws inspiration from the comedy of real life and infuses it with an element of playful absurdity. He draws on his experience in fine art to inform his meticulous production design and his background in writing to craft his narratives.

He lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters. They bike around town in search of the perfect chocolate croissant.