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Christian Weber

Mazda Together
Dow The Human Element
Tacoma Countdown NO LEGAL
EL Jimador DC
Corona - Lime Ritual
My Space Ace Da God
MAZDA Drive Together II
Mobil One DC
Toyota own me
MINI Defying Labels

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Christian Weber

Christian Weber is an internationally exhibited filmmaker (director and DoP) and photographer who is consistently recognized for challenging a conventional interpretation of beauty.

His films and photographs have won numerous awards, and have been featured in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Esquire, Life, Spin, Details, GQ, and more. His short films have been screened internationally with The Creators Project in Tokyo, The New York Fashion Film Festival in New York and Seoul, and a special screening of the short film “Man on Fire” at the Musee d’art Moderne in Luxembourg.
Weber’s work was most notably the recent subject of a monographic exhibition at the Southeastern Museum of Photography. He’s also participated in a host of other exhibitions at home and abroad, in shows organized by the likes of The Bruce High Quality Foundation and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. 2015 will see a host of new solo projects, the first at Chicago’s Schneider Gallery, and others to follow in New York, Germany, and Los Angeles.
Between his film and photographic work, Weber has been commissioned to create visuals in collaboration with many influential figures including Rick Rubin, 50 Cent, The Black Keys, Ussain Bolt, Kate Bosworth, Steve Buscemi, Dick Cavett, Landon Donovan, Jesse Eisenberg, Edie Falco, Rudy Giuliani, Josep Guardiola, Michael C. Hall, Anna Kendrick, John Kerry, Wiz Khalifa, Karl Lagerfeld, Sir Ian McKellan, Joe Manganiello, Seth Meyers, Frank Ocean, Manny Pacquiao, Rick Ross, Kelly Slater, Michael K. Williams, Miguel and Nas. Weber has also been commissioned to create global campaigns for a host of diverse clients. His clients include brands such as Audi, Bottega Veneta, Nike, BMW, HSBC, GE, Hennessy, HP, IBM, Levi’s, Showtime, Sony, VW and Xbox to name a few.